Certificate of Liability Insurance: What is it & why do we Require it?


Insurance is a great thing.  We don’t like paying premiums, but when we need it, it is there to help us through what is generally a rough time.

The Legacy Barn is completely & fully licensed and insured, so why do we request our clients (of larger events) to get a special certificate of Liability Insurance through their homeowners?  Because we want YOU to be as covered as possible.

Weddings are big and tend to be expensive.  They have lots of guests and usually alcohol is involved.  The possibility of something happening to one of your guests goes up immensley. Consider this scenerio:

A guest at your wedding was drinking, left the party and caused a major car accident.  He/she severely injured a person.  Immediately, the injured party or their family starts what is called a “shot gun suit” – which means they are going to sue EVERYONE involved with the party – including you!  This insurance will cover your defense costs as well as other things to keep you safe.  Without it, you may be liable for defense costs and damages of an astronomical number.  It also helps us keep our insurance costs low so we can keep the rental costs as low as possible for our clients.

Your homeowners insurance agent will help you with your options.  If you don’t own a home, you can get a renters policy or even an umbrella policy.  This is VERY STANDARD in the event industry.  With the amount of people who come through our property, we have to take every precaution to keep everyone safe.  That includes you!  The minimal $200 (or so) cost is your special “event” insurance that saves you thousands of dollars and potential grief and stress.

Your wedding should be fun, memorable and safe.  That’s why we require it. Let us know if you have any questions!



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