The Top 3 Things to Tell Your Guests about Your Barn Wedding


A barn can give a wedding a rustic, charming feel that just seems to bring families together.  I don’t know if it is the easy going atmosphere or the feeling of going back to basics, but barn venues are one of the top wedding destinations across the country – with no end in sight.

There are a few things that you should remind your guests of before your wedding so their experience is as enjoyable as possible.  The best way to do this is to include “A Note from the Bride & Groom” with your invitations.  They don’t need to be very expensive, just a simple postcard size that you can print on your own printer.  The following are the 3 most important things to make sure your guests know:


  1. Dress for the weather – Most barn weddings have an outdoor element to them.  It might be a ceremony under the trees or the barn may not be temperature controlled.  Let you guests know if there is air conditioning or heat.  You might want to prepare them for bugs or rain as well.  Let them know what part of your event is outside so they can dress accordingly. I have seen Brides provide blankets or fans for the guests just in case.


2.  Ditch the stilettos – Again, if your wedding is at a rustic, rural or farm-like area, there will be grass, and lots of it.  Even though you tell them, ladies will still wear those instruments of torture – but at least you warned them.  Some couples even offer a basket of flip flops for guests who didn’t heed their warning.


3. Potential Allergies – Some of these farms have actual animals that come with them.  Live animals add an air of authenticity and excitement to a party.  They also offer smells and possible allergic reactions.  Let you guests know if this so they can decide whether they need to bring medicine with them just in case their allergies flare up.  No one likes it when that happens!

Rustic venues are a beautiful option for weddings.  They offer scenery and experiences that can’t be replicated in a formal ballroom.  We at the Legacy Barn want you to have the weddings of your dreams and we hope these tips help you to make it everything you could ever imagine.


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