Why is Everything Wedding so Expensive, Deposits Non-Refundable, and why a Security Deposit?


Photo Cred: Weddinvendoriq.com

I know that it can seem like everything that has the word,”wedding” in front of it becomes astronomical in cost.  Believe it or not, there really is a good reason that wedding services tend to be more expensive.

For example, if you were to buy a birthday cake, it is usually a 5 minute phone call to order and 10 minutes to run into the store to pick it up.  However, for a wedding cake, you make an appointment, spend at least an hour tasting cake and talking flavors, shapes and decorations.  A wedding cake usually takes 2-3 days to bake & decorate and then, they must be delivered delicately, on time and perfect in every way.  That difference is shown in the cost of the cake. So there are very real reasons for wedding goods and services to cost more – but we also hope you notice that those services and products are exceedingly good & worth every penny.

So why are deposits non-refundable?  Put yourself into a wedding vendor’s shoes.  They meet with you, discuss every bit of your wedding, take your date off of their books, work on your event; & then you decide the wedding is off, needs to reschedule, or you just decide to elope.  Hey, it happens ALL THE TIME.  We get it.  However, in the meantime, in addition to the work we have put into YOUR event, we have most likely turned away other potential Brides.  That means even WITH the small deposit we are keeping, we have actually lost at least 3 times that amount because we have turned Brides away.  NONE of us like it and we certainly aren’t taking advantage of you, but it is necessary.  The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are ready to sign those contracts.  Read them through and make sure you understand the policy and fees required.

A security deposit is charged in order to cover any damage to a venue or rental products.  They are usually deposited prior to the wedding and then returned right after the event assuming everything is as it was before the event.  Reasons for keeping a security deposit have included (but are not limited to):

  • Broken furniture
  • burned or scratched carpet, walls, or counters
  • vomit in the sinks (this really happens)
  • Cigarette burns EVERYWHERE on a property where no smoking is allowed
  • Things stolen from the property
  • Broken equipment
  • and so on..

Generally, most events are well-behaved and the deposit is swiftly returned.  But there have been instances where repairs have to be made and that is where the security deposit is kept.  Trust me, in cases where there is damage, the security deposit rarely covers the cost of fixing everything.

Weddings can be amazing events.  Hopefully, the above information will help you to understand some of the more confusing aspects.  We at the Legacy Barn strive to make your experience the best it can possibly be.  Please contact us if you have any further questions on this question or anything else.  www.LegacyBarn.com, LegacyBarn@gmail.com; 765-863-1222




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