Head Table Versus a Sweetheart Table

I’ve been an event planner for almost 20 years and I have watched trends come and go.  The head table has lasted a pretty long time.  However, it is starting to join the very long list of “things done in the past.”

Why?  Well, the Bridal Party wants to be with their family or date.  In fact, part of my jobs these days has been finding Groomsmen who have left their duties at the head table to sit with their girlfriends.  It becomes annoying and starts to really frustrate the Bride because it wastes time trying to find them.

Hence, the proliferation of the sweetheart table.  Generally, a round table for just the Bride & Groom; or they can also have their Maid of Honor & Best Man sit with them as well.  The couple then has reserved tables for their Bridal Party along with their “plus one” or family.  It works really well, so it is becoming more popular.

Another reason to ditch the head table is when you have a large Bridal Party.  It takes up waaaay too much space and causes layout issues.  It is so much easier and frankly, beautiful, to have a smaller table for the couple.

Whatever you decide, we at the Legacy Barn will make it work the best way possible.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 765-863-1222 or at legacybarn@gmail.com

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