When to Send “Save the Date” Cards



Photo Cred: Minted.com

Send the Date Cards are when you send an announcement to guests prior to sending the information.  They generally include the names of the couple, the city and date of the wedding and say “Invitation to follow”.

However, There are really only 2 reasons to send the date cards:

  1. If your wedding falls on a holiday
  2. If you have a significant amount of guests who will need to make travel arrangements like airline flights

If your wedding does not have either of these issues, then you really do not need to send them. But a lot of Brides want to and that is completely fine.  There are MANY different options you have from magnets to postcards.  Be creative and have fun.  They do not need to match your invitations.  Just let it represent you and your love.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please contact us at                   765-863-1222 or legacybarn@gmail.com.  We want you to have the best experience possible!



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