How Diamond Engagement Rings Became the Biggest Scam in the Wedding Industry


Ah, the diamond ring: the pinnacle of what every woman expects when the love of their life pops the question.  Woe is the man who dares to defy tradition by buying a small one or worse yet – NOT A DIAMOND AT ALL!

Does that really happen?

Does the man live through the proposal?

Seriously, what Bride could ever expect to start a successful marriage without a diamond ring worth AT LEAST 2 months salary.  Pshaw – everyone knows that’s the rule.

What if I told you this was one of the most successful marketing campaigns – like ever!  There is no tradition connected to the diamond ring.  No rule (note: there are no wedding police out there.  You really can do what you want) saying it has to be a diamond or (GASP!) no ring at all.

In 1938 the De Beers Diamond Company crafted (in my humble opinion) the world’s most effective marketing campaign.  They grew their company from nothing into one of the most profitable businesses by making people BELIEVE and have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to their made-up “A Diamond is forever” campaign.  So much so, it has persisted through the past 2 centuries!  Not too shabby De Beers.

Here’s the lowdown on the claims of De Beers:

~ A diamond is forever: well, yeah, I guess if you take care of it.  It will certainly be something you can pass on (if your marriage survives) and you want an heirloom – but that’s about it.  It doesn’t mean that your marriage will last forever (ask 50% of people over the past couple hundred of years).  Also, I might add that it could be said the same of any other rings or jewelry. No real benefit to a diamond over others.

~ It should be AT LEAST 2 months salary: to this, I politely call bull hockey.  Another arbitrary rule made up by the De Beers people to get you to buy more of their diamonds.  And if you are a Bride who expects this or is ready to “Ring Shame” your love, SHAME ON YOU! The size of the diamond does not measure the love or respect he has for you.  That reminds me of something else – hmmmmmmm….

~ A Diamond Ring is an investment: another bull hockey statement.  Very similar to a car, your “investment” loses 50% just by walking out the door. (Kind of like divorces are – buh dum bum.  Thanks every body, I’m here all week). This is not a true statement.  You will never get all the money out of it that you spent on it.  Just try it & you will see.

~ It has to be a certain cut or clarity to be the best diamond: ultimately, that decision is up to you.  You may not like the really clear ones, or emerald cut or the ones that go “BING!”  Seriously, this is yet another way the De Beers company has got you feeling like you have purchased a rare, high quality diamond, that will be a huge asset for your marriage – WRONG.

Look, diamonds or jewelry are just like people.  There are all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors and depending on their personality – clarity.  I have had many a Bride tell me they hate diamonds but their finance got them one because “he had too”.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  If you feel like you want a ring (and I get it, what woman wouldn’t?), then look around.  There are all kinds of them out there.  Get your birthstone, a precious gem, black gold, a simple band, whatever appeals to you.  If I were to get married again I would ask my husband to go to Pandora.  Their rings are awesome & will not make him take a mortgage out BEFORE the wedding.

If you are reading this and are saying to yourself, “I don’t care what she says, I want a diamond – a big one.  I deserve it and he better get the one I like or I’ll kick him to the curb”. You just might want to adjust that attitude or he might just kick YOU to the curb.

I am not anti-diamond.  I have one on my finger in fact & love it.  However, what I DO HATE is the fact that there is NO RULE saying you have to get a diamond and that you have to spend thousands on it for you to be respected. People save for years and wait to get married because of this lie and that makes me mad.  We have all fallen for it for years.  But now you have the knowledge – the power to make your OWN decisions instead of following a 79 year old marketing campaign that was devastatingly effective.

The truth is, the success of your engagement and marriage depends on you.  What the two of you put into it and how you work together.  The ring is nothing in comparison.

Here’s to Bliss!



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