What Exactly Does the Best Man Do?


Your buddy/brother has just taken the plunge – he’s found the love of his life and proposed.  Now he is up to his neck in china patterns, color swatches, Chicken Marsala, and checklists.  He has entered a world that is foreign and, frankly, a bit scary.  However, there is a silver lining – YOU!

Yes, you, the best friend, the best bud, the Best Man.  Contrary to popular belief, your job is not to find the most expensive stripper and drink the most beer.  Sorry!  You have actually been entrusted with very important duties as the Groom’s right-hand man.

Yes, you will still have fun – really!  Take pride in the fact that the Groom trusts you with such an honor.  So here’s your chance to help your friend through the maze of wedding craziness and, if you follow the suggestions in this Guide, you just might make the Bride fall in love with you, too!

The Duties of the Best Man

In days of old, the Best Man was there to fight any other man or marauding tribe who may come to claim the Bride (yes, seriously).  But because that doesn’t usually happen these days (thank god), you get to help the Groom with the following:

  • Assist the Groom with getting the Groomsmen‘s and Ushers’ measurements taken for the tuxedos.
  • Keep the Groom on-time and organized.
  • Organize the Bachelor party.
  • Ask the Bride and Groom what they would like you to do.
  • Be perceptive to the unspoken needs of the groom in the weeks before the wedding and the day of the wedding.
  • If you are coming in from out of town for the wedding, consider arriving by Thursday evening.
  • Attend ALL of the pre-wedding festivities (except bridal showers); most importantly, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Be available to pick up guests from the airport or hotels, if necessary.
  • Help decorate the hall the night before.
  • Make sure that the Groom has the marriage license the day of the wedding.
  • Clean and decorate the get-away car.
  • Make sure the men of the bridal party are ready, where they should be, and on time for the ceremony, reception, and for pictures.
  • Guard and present the rings during the ceremony.
  • Assist the Groom with all of his clothing and accessories at the church and the reception.
  • Along with the Maid of Honor, witness the signing of the marriage license.
  • Act as the chauffeur to the Bride and Groom if there isn’t a professional hired.
  • Act as one of the hosts at the reception.  Help with anything that needs to be done, dance with the ladies, and thank people for coming on behalf of the Bride and Groom.
  • Act as the “main security official” at the wedding.  If there are any problems, you are to take care of them.
  • Give the first toast (Please don’t be drunk, rude, or crude).
  • Make sure to deliver payment to all vendors (clergy, musicians, disc jockey) the day of the wedding.
  • Assist as needed in removing all items from the reception and cleaning up at the end of the party.
  • Coordinate the transportation for the Groom and Bride to their honeymoon suite or to the airport.
  • Return all of the tuxes the day they are due back after the wedding.

 Your Financial Responsibilities

  • Your tuxedo and all of your accessories.
  • Your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • The bachelor party (sometimes this expense is split between all of the Groomsmen).
  • Your wedding gift for the Bride and Groom.

Final Advice

Nothing is sexier at a wedding than a man that knows what he is doing and is helpful (the tux helps too).  Here is your chance!

Times have changed.  Weddings are becoming bigger productions, and it is hard to get everything done.  If you take the advice above to heart, you will not only help your friend immensely, but the Bride will remember it – forever!  You DEFINITELY want to be on her good side.  Have fun!



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