Am I Required to Give My Guests a Plus One?

guest list

Weddings are a big social event and people love going to party the night away.  However, the guest list can cause major headaches for the couple, especially when their venue is small and they can only invite a certain amount of people.

So when inviting guests to your wedding, do you need to give everyone a plus one?

The short answer to this is no.

The rule with Plus ones if:

  • They are married – obviously their spouse should be invited.
  • They are engaged – they are a couple at this point and go together.
  • If they have been together for years – you know that couple, they have been together for 8 years and don’t plan on marrying.

That’s it!  Every one else can come to the wedding solo.  You are under no obligation to feed a person they “need” to have with them to have fun.  If they are truly your friend, they will be there.  If they are petty enough to not come because they will be alone – then fine.  You don’t want them there any way. Plus, it will save you money.

Guests: don’t expect a plus one.  If you have been married and planned a wedding, you will totally get this.  It’s expensive!

Remember – this is YOUR WEDDING.  You invite friends and family to celebrate with you.  No need to add 100 guests who don’t know you from Adam.  It should be enjoyed with people you know.

Here’s to Bliss!

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