The Do’s & Don’ts of the Bachelorette Party

The Bachelorette Party is a rite of passage for every Bride.  Some like the traditional bar night with free drinks, while others prefer a classier version of wine, cheese and lingerie.  Whichever you choose to throw for your Bride, there are a few rules you need to stick by to make the evening fun and not let it cost you a friendship!

DON’T:  have it the night before the wedding.  A hung-over Bride is not attractive.  Plus, you will all need as much beauty sleep as possible.

DON’T:  have a stripper if you know that it will make the Bride or Groom uncomfortable.  There are a lot of other ways you can have fun without watching a stranger take of his clothes (really!)

DON’T:  look at this party as the last time to shove as much alcohol down the Bride as possible.  Unfortunately, health and safety incidents can happen that may ruin the wedding and your friendship.

DON’T: Make your Bride wear a veil with condoms or penises all over it if that would mortify her.  Some women just don’t like that.

DO:  make the occasion very special!  It’s an opportunity to create memories for the Bride!

DO:  keep the Bride in mind.  If she would rather have a sleepover at a hotel, don’t take her out to 5 bars and force her to drink all kinds of alcohol.  Remember: it’s all about her.

DO: ask the Bride who she would like invited.  She may want her mom & soon-to-be mother-in-law invited.  If so, plan accordingly.

DO:  have a designated driver if there’s drinking – enough said.

DO:  ask the Bride if cameras are allowed.  She may not want photographs of intimate moments to be available.

DO:  have fun!  These are memories you’ll have for a lifetime – assuming you are sober enough or that they are memories that you want to remember!

Here’s to Bliss!


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