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  1. Our daughter and fiancé are looking at May 21 or May 28, 2016 as their wedding date. We are looking at potential venues. Is it correct that your barn is available those days? Also, is their any possible discount if we set up and take down chairs and tables ourselves? We are closely watching our budget. Thank you kindly, Karen Meador


    • Yes, those dates are available. No unfortunately, there is no discount for the set up and tear-down. We try to offer an experience so that it is easier for your whole family. Please let me know if you would like a tour.


  2. We are wanting an outdoor wedding for our venue. Everything I have seen so far gives maximum guest amount for inside the barn. Is there an outdoor capacity as well? Are we able to rent chairs/tents/tables through you or are we able to use an outside company to rent these things? What are the times we pay for, for our rental? Is there a certain time Friday we can come in for a Saturday wedding and tear down on Sunday? When are we able to come in to set up everything? I may have overlooked some of my answers.! Thank you in advance for your help!


    • Yes, there are 8.5 acres for you to use. There is a huge wedding clearing and the Old Sycamore is where most Brides tie the knot. We provide enough tables and chairs for 150. If you need more than that or if you need a tent, you can rent those through American Party Time in Kokomo. If you choose a Saturday wedding, we will mark off that Friday if it isn’t already booked. We ask people to leave around 11 pm and you can come back the next day (Sunday) to tear down. If we don’t have an event the week before, you can use that week to drop items off. We try to be as flexible as possible. Would you like to set up a tour?


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