Is the Barn temperature controlled?

It is not air conditioned but we have fans all over the barn and the cross-breeze is beautiful.  We do have heat for colder months both upstairs & downstairs. We do not take events January through mid-March because the cold can be brutal and we don’t want to risk the pipes freezing on your event date.

How many guests can the Barn hold?

Right now, the barn itself can seat maximum 150 guests (depending on layout). We can also take down tables after dinner so you can have a larger dance floor.   If you have more than 150 people total, you MUST rent a tent. There are places on the property where you place a tent to accommodate up to 300 guests. (Tents & extra chair, table & linen rentals will be at your expense.)

We now have a brand new beautiful outdoor deck off the back door of the Barn.  It is lit with party lights and has a large staircase that can be used for pictures, dancing, buffets or even ceremonies.

Do you have parking?

We have gravel, lighted parking for 65 cars, plus private parking next to the Barn for the Bride’s party.  We have more room for parking on the grass as well. If you plan on having more guests, you can suggest car-pooling, or have a shuttle provided from hotels or parking lots close to the Barn.

Are tables & chairs included?

Yes!  We have for 175 inside chairs for the barn. In addition to that, we have 175 plastic white chairs to be used outside for ceremonies or tent dinners.  We have enough tables for 150 people but also have gift and buffet tables; 12  five foot rounds, 16 eight foot banquet, 4 six foot banquet, two 5 foot and 10 cocktail tables for your use.  We also have six 48″ rounds and 1 half round for cakes and sweetheart tables. PLUS, the Barn staff will set up & tear down chairs & tables (ours) according to your layout plan.

Do you provide linens?

Yes we do!  We offer 90″ round cloths as well as 60″ x 120″ cloths with all of our wedding packages up to 150 people.  If you have more guests than that, you will be responsible for covering the overage.  If you would like napkins or skirting, they are available for a small extra fee.

Do you have hay bales?

Unfortunately no.  We tried but just ran out of space to store them.  You are more than welcome to bring your own but you do need to remove them from the property & clean up after them.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, but we call it a retainer:

  • Signature Package:
    • $2,000 non-refundable retainer due on booking of the barn.
    • $300 security deposit to be given at signing and will be refunded the week after your event as long as there was no damage to the property or Barn.
  • Weekday Wedding or Custom Wedding Packages:
    • $1,500 non refundable retainer.
    • $300 security deposit to be given at signing and will be refunded the week after your event as long as there was no damage to the property or Barn.
  • You pay off your remaining balance in monthly payments or paid in full up front.
  • Balance to be paid off 1 month before the event.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes.  A $300 security deposit is required at signing of the contract.  It will be refunded to you after the event as long as there was no damage done to the Barn or the surrounding property.

How long do we get for set up and tear down?

Signature Package:

  •  8 am Friday through Sunday at 12 PM
  • Legacy Barn sets up tables & Chairs for you
  • Blissfully Simple Events will set up linens, decorations & favors, etc…
  • You can have your rehearsal dinner at the Barn on Friday night
  • You can have a gift opening luncheon on Sunday if you like
  • The Barn is completely yours until Sunday at 12 PM

Weekday Wedding Packages:

  • 3 hours the night before (Monday – Thursday) for Decorating and rehearsal
  • Arrival at 8:00 on Wedding Day
  • Guests must leave at 11:00pm
  • Legacy Barn sets up tables & Chairs for you
  • Blissfully Simple Events will set up linens, decorations & favors, etc…

Custom Wedding Packages:

  • We will discuss all options for you regarding any custom packages

Do you have a sound system?

Yes, we have a Professional Sound System with 2 speakers w/stands, 2 mics, control board w/connectors.  This is $100 to rent for weddings.

Do you have an in-house caterer or can we use our own?

You are free to use your own caterer or even bring in your own food.  We have a list of preferred vendors for your review, but you are free to choose your own vendors as long as they can provide appropriate liability insurance.  They all must follow the Barn rules and be respectful of the property or you will lose your security deposit.  You cannot use crockpots or large roasters to serve from because of the cords.  Just get chaffers and or foil pans and you will be great.

One more thing about careering: if you choose to do your own food or if you opt for “Drop off” catering – you will need a staff to set up, refill, tear down & package food up.  Our staff will not do this.  However, if you want us to hire a group to handle it for you, we can do that at an extra charge.

Will you allow alcohol?

Yes, beer, wine & champagne only (wine coolers & hard ciders as well).  We DO NOT allow hard liquor.  You MUST use one of the preferred vendors listed on our preferred vendor list.  They must purchase the alcohol & provide a licensed bartender.  No exceptions.  LAST CALL IS ALWAYS 9:15 WITH BAR CLOSING AT 9:30.  This gives guests time to sober up before they leave for the evening.  Also, we only allow alcohol to be flowing for 5.5 hours at the max.  That usually more than covers the traditional wedding or event.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

NO.  You are allowed to have BEER & WINE (and champagne) ONLY at the Barn – no hard liquor; however, you must hire a licensed vendor to purchase the alcohol (we have a list if you need it) and licensed bartenders to serve.  YOU MAY NOT BRING IN YOUR OWN ALCOHOL.  This is grounds for ending the party immediately.

May I bring my own decorations?

Yes!  Nothing is to be permanent or damaging to the barn.  You cannot use tape (which won’t work) or use nails, but you can use 3M command strips and large thumb tacks.  Again, you do not want to lose your security deposit.

Do you have a ladder we can use?

Yes, we have an 8 foot ladder you can use.  If you need something taller to help you decorate, you will need to hire a decorator with liability insurance to hang anything really high.

Can we use candles?

Yes, as long as they are covered in a votive glass or hurricane glass.  Beware, because of the breeze through the Barn, some may not stay lit.

Is there a place for the Bride & Groom to get ready?

The Groom & Groomsmen generally come dressed; but we have the authentic, original, old “Bull Pens” made up for the Groom & Groomsmen to chill out in before the big event. A Man Cave like no other!  There is now a newly built, temperature controlled Bride’s room which has all the amenities a Bride and her maids would want. There are plenty of mirrors, electric outlets, and countertops for doing hair and makeup.

Are there restrooms?

There is a gender neutral handicapped restroom on the main level of the Barn complete with a baby changing area.  Downstairs there are modern & spacious men’s & women’s restrooms as well.

Can we have the ceremony outside?

Absolutely!  Brides love getting married right in front of the Old Sycamore. Now we have our new deck, some Brides choose to have their ceremony there.

What if we have already hired a Wedding Planner?

We welcome your wedding planner!  They are fabulous and help keep you calm during your day.  Our package comes automatically with a Day of Coordinating package provided by Blissfully Simple Events.  This is because they know the ins and outs of the Legacy Barn, as well as the issues that might arise.  Their participation is non-negotiable and you will be thrilled with how they will make your day Blissfully Simple. Your wedding planner will be able to be with you and help you and your bridal party get ready.  However, Blissfully Simple Events will have final say and authority at all times.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Well, this is good old Indiana.  Rain is a high probability in the months of April, May, June, September and October.  We will watch the radar and help you to make the best decision possible.  If you have to, we can always move the ceremony inside the Barn cabaret style which is where all guests sit at their reception seats to view the ceremony.  It has been done & it is always beautiful.

What do I need to do to book the Barn?

We require a signed contract, a non-refundable  $2000 retainer (Signature Package); $1500 retainer for Weekday & Custom Wedding Packages – PLUS a $300 security deposit before your date can be secured.  You pay the remainder in monthly payments. The remaining balance is due 1 month before the event.

Do we need Event Liability Insurance?

Yes & this is for your safety.  First check with your Homeowner’s Insurance to see if they can write it for you.  Another option is to go to www.TheEventHelper.com & select weddings.  It will quote you and walk you through the process.  For 200 people it usually costs around $125.

Can I come by to see the Barn?

Of course!  All tours are by appointment only.  Please be considerate of this because the owner still lives on the property.  Call Blissfully Simple Events at 765-863-1222 to schedule a tour.

Are you completely zoned and insured?

Yes we are!  In addition, we have an approved life safety plan from the State Fire Marshall’s Office that will be fully implemented by April 2018.

What if we need to cancel our contract?

In the event you have missed 2 monthly payments, or 1 pre-planned, non-monthly, sequential payment, we have the right to investigate and initiate event cancellation.  If you know that your wedding is cancelled, please contact the Barn Manager immediately by phone or electronic media and follow up with a written cancellation letter.

In the case of cancellation, the retainer deposit will be held by the Legacy Barn as Liquidated Damages towards the event date that was reserved for you.  Any payments that you make, after the retainer deposit, will be refunded to you at a rate of 50% (except as noted below).  The entire damage deposit of $300.00 will be returned to you.

Special Cancellation note: In the case that you cancel your event within 60 days of your scheduled event date, the Legacy Barn is entitled to 100% of all payments, (except the damage deposit) that have been paid, as non-recoverable Liquidated Damages towards the date that was reserved for your event.

The Legacy Barn has 30 days from the written notice of cancellation, to return your damage deposit and any other eligible funds.

Do you offer additional event planning or decoration packages?

Yes we do.  We realize that planning an event, especially a wedding can be an overwhelming and stressful experience.  Our Event Management company, Blissfully Simple Events, has been planning all types of events for over 20 years.  They have been kind enough to create drastically reduced rate packages exclusively for the Legacy Barn. Check out the event planning tab on this site or contact Crista Tharp at 765-863-1222 or Crista@BlissfullySimple.com to get more information.



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