The Legacy Barn Welcomes Proms!              

Frankfort Prom 2016

2016 Frankfort Prom


       The following are the costs, rules, and tips regarding hosting at Prom at the Legacy Barn:


  • Maximum recommended capacity is 250 students.
  • The deck doors and front doors should remain open for fresh air, space, and safety. Chaperones will need to be near doorways to monitor “escapes”.
  • We suggest 1 chaperone per 25 kids
  • School liaison officers should be on the grounds.A traffic safety vehicle and an officer need to be posted at the driveway exit when the event is over to protect students and local traffic, using flares and flashing lights.  If the school cannot provide this, Howard County EMA should be requested onsite.  They will work for free, but donations are appreciated.  Contact the Howard County Sheriff’s office at least one week in advance for this service.  765-456-2020.
  • School principal and/or teachers’ presence is required for name base familiarity, and case history knowledge.
  • Check in and check out in the lower barn, near the west doors works well.
  • If students leave early, they cannot return to the event, per school policy.
  • Free Snacks and cold drinks are recommended.
  • Barn is available between 8 am & 12 pm for decorating and the actual.
  • No weapons allowed by any student. Parents should leave all weapons in their cars.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO confetti, sprinkles, jelly orbs, or glitter decorations to be used on the property at any time.  Gowns with glitter detail are ok.
  • No use of tape, nails, or staples to attach decorations.
  • Client agrees not to have any open flame inside the Barn at any time unless flame is confined to votive candles or the candle is in a casing.
  • NO RED JUICE.  Red dye spills are very difficult to clean.


  • $350 for 2 hours (Minimum) – this includes a Barn hostess onsite, all night.
  • $50 for each additional Hour (this includes set up and tear down) – Please check the night before to see if it is open for early set up.
  • $80 for parking attendants
  • Deposit is $200 & balance paid 30 days before the event.
  • If dinner is going to be served at the barn, additional costs need to be negotiated.

Suggestions and Tips:

  • High heels not recommended on driveway or for dancing. Tell ladies to bring dancing shoes or plan to dance barefoot. (floor is safe for bare feet).
  • Horse tank and plastic tubs are available for soft drinks or water.
  • Put buckets of personal items in restrooms that kids forget to bring: tooth picks, deodorant, tooth brush and paste, girly things.
  • Ladies may use brides room to freshen up.
  • Have DJ’s contact Crista for suggestions and expectations.
  • If students are dining on their own, they will be arriving for over an hour or more.  by the time the last group arrives, the first group is ready to go.
  • Play corn hole game downstairs in aisle

Barn staff Provided:

  • 2 parking staff with radios, for the entire night
  • Host/Hostess all night long