The Legacy Barn Welcomes Proms!              

Frankfort Prom 2016

2016 Frankfort Prom


       The following are the costs and rules regarding hosting at Prom at the Barn:


  • Maximum capacity for dancing only is 250
  • 250 needs deck open and front doors open for fresh air, space, and safety
  • Proms need 1 chaperone per 25 kids
  • Proms need school liaison police on grounds, two preferred
  • School principal was on hand
  • Check in and check out at west doors
  • If kids leave, they cannot return
  • Snacks and cold drinks are fine
  • Barn is available between 8 am & 12 pm
  • No firearms
  • ABSOLUTELY NO confetti, sprinkles, or glitter to be used on the property at any time.
  • No use of tape, nails, or staples to attach decorations.
  • Client agrees not to have any open flame inside the Barn at any time unless flame is confined to votive candles or the candle is in a casing.
  • Must use table coverings for tables.


  • $350 for 2 hours (Minimum) – this includes a Barn hostess there all night.
  • $50 for each additional Hour (this includes set up and tear down) – need to check the night before to see if it is open for early set up.
  • $80 for additional parking attendants
  • Deposit is $200 & balance paid 30 days before the event


  • Use our Legacy Wall as your photo booth.
  • High heels not recommended on driveway or for dancing. Tell ladies to bring dancing shoes (floor is safe for bare feet).
  • DJ sets up under the chandelier .
  • Horse tank with drinks was on the deck or use our 3 beverage dispensers for drinks on the bar.
  • Put buckets of personal items in restrooms that kids forget to bring: tooth picks, deodorant, tooth brush and paste, girly things.
  • Ladies may use brides room to freshen up.
  • Play corn hole game downstairs in aisle

Barn staff Provided:

  • 2 parking staff with radios, for the entire night
  • Host/Hostess all night long