About the Legacy Barn

Welcome to the Legacy Barn at Leafy Lane Farm!

This historic barn was built in 1884 by William Wesley Smith. Purchased by Dr. R.A. Craig in 1949, the farm was converted into the Leafy Lane Dairy Farm featuring a Registered Guernsey milking herd. The Leafy Lane Farm was widely known for award winning herds and breeding stock from 1950 through 1975. In 1976 the current owners, Colin and Colleen Craig, moved into the farmhouse and operated the farm as a cash grain enterprise. The barn being retired from hay storage stood idle since 1975 slowly yielding to it’s age. In the summer of 2014 Colin made the decision to preserve the historic barn and began plans for the renovation. With the skills of Merlie Schwartz and his Amish construction crew, and a lot of work by Colin, the barn was saved and transformed into the Legacy Barn at Leafy Lane Farm in the spring of 2015.

Now, this beautifully restored barn and the gorgeous 8 acre property can be the site of your dream wedding, graduation open house, or corporate event.  Say your vows under “the Old Sycamore,” party the night away in the Legacy Barn, and share hugs with your family and friends under the stars.

We would be honored to share your next special event!


One thought on “About the Legacy Barn

  1. A friend sent this to me and it looks so gorgeous. So glad you were able to do this. What a legacy for you Colin and Colleen. When we visit next May or June we would love to come see the Legacy Barn.
    Love & Prayers
    Jackie & Dale Hogan


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