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Happy Holidays from the Legacy Barn!

As we button up the Barn and ready for the Holidays, we wanted to thank EVERYONE for an incredible first year of business!  We have loved every minute of getting to know our Brides, Grooms and their families.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

We sincerely hope that each one of you feels the peace and joy of the season.  To our clients for 2017 – this coming year will be amazing!  Here’s to a wonderful Holiday season!

Merry Christmas to you all & to all a goodnight!

Colin and Crista

What NOT to do as a Wedding Guest

By Crista Tharp – 10-11-16


I have been an event/wedding planner for over 15 years.  There has always been the ocassional annoying guest, or vendor with an attitude problem, but unfortunately, I have noticed a huge spike in rude behavior.  Here’s the thing – it’s not from Bridezillas as you might expect or even from over-bearing moms.  It’s from the guests!

Why is this happening?

Well, there are so many more factors going into today’s weddings: technology, Facebook, and let’s not forget that little thing called “entitlement”.  It all goes a long way to creating a breeding ground for rudeness.  BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO!

How can you be a model guest and still enjoy yourself?  Follow these Don’ts and you will have a fighting chance:

DON’T: Be Late – Seriously.  I understand things happen, but being late causes a disruption to the entire event.  Sometimes it is even FAMILY who are the late ones.  This is even worse because the Bride & Groom will feel required to wait.  Think about it.  It will send the whole schedule into a free-fall and you want WARM food right?  Being on time (early) to an event shows that you respect the couple and the evening’s events.

DON’T: Expect to be able to invite a plus one – The Bride and Groom are under no obligation to feed your “friend” (unless you are engaged). If it was just your name on the invitation, it is just you invited.  Period.  Don’t ask to bring someone.  It is rude & puts the couple in an awkward situation.  Plus, if you need someone else there to have a good time than either don’t go or buck it up & put your big boy/girl pants on and go alone.

DON’T: Bring your own alcohol to an event – It’s ridiculous I need to even mention this.  I am not joking when I say boot-legged booze is an issue at almost every wedding.  In most cases it is illegal to do bring it, but that doesn’t stop guests from hiding it their car, purses, or coat jackets.  First, if you need alcohol to have a good time, you have a problem – a serious problem.  Two, the alcohol (or lack of it) was a decision the Bride and Groom made.  Respect it.  Don’t complain about how stupid it is or how much you love your alcohol.  You just look ridiculous.  Just don’t do it.

DON’T: Get drunk – I know, this happens.  But I mean sloppy, can’t walk, start molesting the Bridal Party drunk.  I have seen guests puking on the dance floor, dropping drinks on the dance floor where guests are dancing barefoot, guests who couldn’t use a urinal correctly and my ultimate favorite – refuse to be driven home at the end of the night & cause a scene kind of drunk.  It is inappropriate and rude.  If you can’t drink without getting wasted, don’t drink.

DON’T: Stick your phone or iPad up to take pictures or record during the ceremony – There is a professional photographer that the couple paid lots of money to in order to get the best pictures possible.  At almost every wedding now, that photographer has to navigate & try to take beautiful photos around guests who have stepped into the aisle to get the picture.  So many pictures are ruined this way.  STOP IT! I even saw a family member get up in front of the couple 2 feet away during the ceremony.  Craziness!  Save your pictures for later.  Photographers share pictures on Facebook – get the pictures then.  They are going to be much better than yours anyway.

DON’T: Move tables or your name card to another table – This really does happen.  Guests think they know better and move their table (ostensibly to give themselves more room), however, what they have done is create a complete bottle neck where guests are supposed to go for the buffet line. The couple, planner, or banquet facility really do know better than you in this situation.  I have personally seen guests move their name card to a different table because they didn’t want to sit where they were placed. This is wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin.  If you had to choose beef or chicken, most likely you have just messed up an entire process in which the server knows who gets what.  Plus, it’s incredibly rude.  Just sit where they have set you.

DON’T: Go to the buffet until you are released – No joke.  There are actually people who think they will physically die if they don’t get food before other people.  I have seen guests do this before the FAMILY even gets to the buffet.  You will not wait long.  Talk to the people at your table.  Engage.  If you have to, stare at your phone, but wait until you are released for the love of God.  You will make the ballroom congested and confuse other people.  Be patient.

** *BONUS ***

Ladies DON’T wear a dress or shoes that a stripper would wear while performing -to be fair, this is more for me, but I know hundreds of others that would appreciate not seeing your thong or butt cheeks during the evening.  And if you can’t walk in the 7″stilettos, then don’t wear them.  You look ridiculous.  I have had to escort women out of a party because the parents would not let them stay.  I have had a guest break her ankle because she literally could not walk in her heels.  We had to call an ambulance. I can’t make this stuff up.  Please have more respect for yourself than to wear a short dress that you have to pull down all night.  You are better than that & it is not appropriate.

A wedding is a wonderful experience.  Guests are there to help share in the joy of a new marriage.  These DON’TS are becoming so prevalent that Brides and Grooms are being forced to make signs regarding them or even mention things in the program before the ceremony starts.  This is just sad.  The next time you go to a wedding, try to remember that you are there for the couple.  To celebrate their love with their families.

Don’t be a Douch.

Here’s to Bliss,


Crista Tharp, CBSP is an award winning event planner, entrepreneur, author and speaker.  As the CEO of Blissfully Simple™ Events, Crista has worked in the event planning industry for more than 15 years and has authored 11 books, designed more than 1,000 events, and spoken at numerous conferences and workshops.  She is also the creator of the Blissfully Simple Wedding Planning Business System, a turn-key business system for those who want to be successful wedding planners.  Crista has been featured in the New York Times, Associated press, Fox 59 and hundreds of industry blogs and publications.  She does all this in addition to being blissfully married and mom to 10 children. Crista is considered an industry expert and is one of the Midwest’s highly sought after event planners.  Feel free to use this article, but you must post the bio above in its entirety.  

To See Each Other Before the Ceremony or Not


Ah, Tradition.  Sometimes we don’t know WHY we do it, but we just know we WANT to do it.  To all those wedding purists out there – to see each other before or not… that is the question.

It has been said it is bad luck for the Bride & Groom to see each other before the ceremony.   I guess if you are superstitious this would be a little disconcerting, but I think we can all agree this isn’t really true.  The main reason Brides don’t want to see each other before is because they want that fairy tale moment of walking down the aisle and gazing into their Groom’s eyes, hoping they look good enough to shock or make him cry (in a good way).

The problem with this is… it rarely happens this way.  Most of the time, the Bride is so nervous about walking, holding her bouquet and hitting her mark that she forgets to do her gazing part. Then, when she reaches her Groom, she can’t hug, kiss or talk to him. It goes right into the ceremony without a minute to breathe.

Now, I am a romantic through and through.  I get it.  A Bride wants to be so stunning that she takes her love’s breath away.  We all want that right?  However, I am going to give you a few reasons why you should consider doing a special first look before the ceremony and ditch the traditional way.

  1.  You can have your first look any way you want.  It can be walking down the aisle like the traditional way.  You can have the Groom turned around and the Bride walk up behind him and touch him on the shoulder, or I have seen a Father drive the Bride to the Groom on a tractor.  It’s up to you!  It can just be the two of you and the photographer, or your entire family can watch.  The point is, you can get creative and STILL get that fairy tale moment without the stress of guests watching your every move.
  2. You can touch and kiss.  The first thing you will want to do is kiss and tell each other how wonderful you look.  You can’t do this up at the altar.  You can hug, give each other letters, laugh and talk.  It helps break the tension of nerves and you both go into the ceremony as a confident unit.
  3. The pictures are better.  Depending on where you are getting married, the photographer will most likely get better pictures during a first look.  Especially the more formal your church is, often the photographer can only take pictures from behind.  This is the moment you have dreamed of!  You need to get it from all sides.  You want every emotion captured.  That will happen with a first look.
  4. You save so much time & it is very guest friendly.  If you start pictures 2 – 3 hours prior to your wedding, you can get 99% of your pictures done before the ceremony!  This leaves extra time for you to get sunset pictures, focus on time with your guests, not feel rushed.  Guests are not waiting to eat, getting bored. I cannot tell you how many Brides & Grooms tell me they are so glad they chose to do it this way.

Ultimately, this is YOUR choice.  If you have a wedding coordinator, they will help you regardless.  Brides still choose to wait until the ceremony. Just know that you will be very likely rushing to get all your pictures done before guests start getting antsy and leave.  No, it isn’t fair, but this is how the flow of weddings tend to go now.

Remember, just because we have been doing it a certain way for years, doesn’t mean it is the best choice or option for you.

Here’s to Bliss,



Crista Tharp, CBSP is an award winning event planner, entrepreneur, author and speaker. As the CEO of Blissfully Simple™ Events, Crista has worked in the event planning industry for more than 15 years and has authored 11 books, designed more than 1,000 events, and spoken at numerous conferences and workshops. She is also the creator of the Blissfully Simple Wedding Planning Business System, a turn-key business system for those who want to be successful wedding planners. Crista has been featured in the New York Times, Associated press, Fox 59 and hundreds of industry blogs and publications. She does all this in addition to being blissfully married and mom to 10 children. Crista is considered an industry expert and is one of the Midwest’s highly sought after event planners. Feel free to use this article, but you must post the bio above in its entirety.


We Survived!

On Wednesday, Kokomo endured 10 tornado touch downs.  Several were in our area; however, we sustained no damage from the storms.

We were very lucky & are very blessed.

Thank you to all those who called and checked up on us.  We appreciate your kindness and concern.  We are all set and ready for or next wedding on September 3rd.  Make sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures!

When to Send “Save the Date” Cards



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Send the Date Cards are when you send an announcement to guests prior to sending the information.  They generally include the names of the couple, the city and date of the wedding and say “Invitation to follow”.

However, There are really only 2 reasons to send the date cards:

  1. If your wedding falls on a holiday
  2. If you have a significant amount of guests who will need to make travel arrangements like airline flights

If your wedding does not have either of these issues, then you really do not need to send them. But a lot of Brides want to and that is completely fine.  There are MANY different options you have from magnets to postcards.  Be creative and have fun.  They do not need to match your invitations.  Just let it represent you and your love.

If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, please contact us at                   765-863-1222 or  We want you to have the best experience possible!



Head Table Versus a Sweetheart Table

I’ve been an event planner for almost 20 years and I have watched trends come and go.  The head table has lasted a pretty long time.  However, it is starting to join the very long list of “things done in the past.”

Why?  Well, the Bridal Party wants to be with their family or date.  In fact, part of my jobs these days has been finding Groomsmen who have left their duties at the head table to sit with their girlfriends.  It becomes annoying and starts to really frustrate the Bride because it wastes time trying to find them.

Hence, the proliferation of the sweetheart table.  Generally, a round table for just the Bride & Groom; or they can also have their Maid of Honor & Best Man sit with them as well.  The couple then has reserved tables for their Bridal Party along with their “plus one” or family.  It works really well, so it is becoming more popular.

Another reason to ditch the head table is when you have a large Bridal Party.  It takes up waaaay too much space and causes layout issues.  It is so much easier and frankly, beautiful, to have a smaller table for the couple.

Whatever you decide, we at the Legacy Barn will make it work the best way possible.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 765-863-1222 or at

Why is Everything Wedding so Expensive, Deposits Non-Refundable, and why a Security Deposit?


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I know that it can seem like everything that has the word,”wedding” in front of it becomes astronomical in cost.  Believe it or not, there really is a good reason that wedding services tend to be more expensive.

For example, if you were to buy a birthday cake, it is usually a 5 minute phone call to order and 10 minutes to run into the store to pick it up.  However, for a wedding cake, you make an appointment, spend at least an hour tasting cake and talking flavors, shapes and decorations.  A wedding cake usually takes 2-3 days to bake & decorate and then, they must be delivered delicately, on time and perfect in every way.  That difference is shown in the cost of the cake. So there are very real reasons for wedding goods and services to cost more – but we also hope you notice that those services and products are exceedingly good & worth every penny.

So why are deposits non-refundable?  Put yourself into a wedding vendor’s shoes.  They meet with you, discuss every bit of your wedding, take your date off of their books, work on your event; & then you decide the wedding is off, needs to reschedule, or you just decide to elope.  Hey, it happens ALL THE TIME.  We get it.  However, in the meantime, in addition to the work we have put into YOUR event, we have most likely turned away other potential Brides.  That means even WITH the small deposit we are keeping, we have actually lost at least 3 times that amount because we have turned Brides away.  NONE of us like it and we certainly aren’t taking advantage of you, but it is necessary.  The best way to avoid this is to make sure you are ready to sign those contracts.  Read them through and make sure you understand the policy and fees required.

A security deposit is charged in order to cover any damage to a venue or rental products.  They are usually deposited prior to the wedding and then returned right after the event assuming everything is as it was before the event.  Reasons for keeping a security deposit have included (but are not limited to):

  • Broken furniture
  • burned or scratched carpet, walls, or counters
  • vomit in the sinks (this really happens)
  • Cigarette burns EVERYWHERE on a property where no smoking is allowed
  • Things stolen from the property
  • Broken equipment
  • and so on..

Generally, most events are well-behaved and the deposit is swiftly returned.  But there have been instances where repairs have to be made and that is where the security deposit is kept.  Trust me, in cases where there is damage, the security deposit rarely covers the cost of fixing everything.

Weddings can be amazing events.  Hopefully, the above information will help you to understand some of the more confusing aspects.  We at the Legacy Barn strive to make your experience the best it can possibly be.  Please contact us if you have any further questions on this question or anything else.,; 765-863-1222




The Top 3 Things to Tell Your Guests about Your Barn Wedding


A barn can give a wedding a rustic, charming feel that just seems to bring families together.  I don’t know if it is the easy going atmosphere or the feeling of going back to basics, but barn venues are one of the top wedding destinations across the country – with no end in sight.

There are a few things that you should remind your guests of before your wedding so their experience is as enjoyable as possible.  The best way to do this is to include “A Note from the Bride & Groom” with your invitations.  They don’t need to be very expensive, just a simple postcard size that you can print on your own printer.  The following are the 3 most important things to make sure your guests know:


  1. Dress for the weather – Most barn weddings have an outdoor element to them.  It might be a ceremony under the trees or the barn may not be temperature controlled.  Let you guests know if there is air conditioning or heat.  You might want to prepare them for bugs or rain as well.  Let them know what part of your event is outside so they can dress accordingly. I have seen Brides provide blankets or fans for the guests just in case.


2.  Ditch the stilettos – Again, if your wedding is at a rustic, rural or farm-like area, there will be grass, and lots of it.  Even though you tell them, ladies will still wear those instruments of torture – but at least you warned them.  Some couples even offer a basket of flip flops for guests who didn’t heed their warning.


3. Potential Allergies – Some of these farms have actual animals that come with them.  Live animals add an air of authenticity and excitement to a party.  They also offer smells and possible allergic reactions.  Let you guests know if this so they can decide whether they need to bring medicine with them just in case their allergies flare up.  No one likes it when that happens!

Rustic venues are a beautiful option for weddings.  They offer scenery and experiences that can’t be replicated in a formal ballroom.  We at the Legacy Barn want you to have the weddings of your dreams and we hope these tips help you to make it everything you could ever imagine.